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Vintage Clothing, Home Decor, Jewelry & More

Recently I have decided to redecorate my home. I have always been in love with vintage style. Many of my great finds have been at garage sales and estate sales around my hometown. There is something about the antiques you stumble across at these sales that make them so special, I feel they all have a story behind them.

Authentic Vintage and pretty much anything antique has really made a come back. There is not a consignment shop or antique store anywhere near my home, the closest one is 50 miles from here! The other day I found this website called Second Shout Out which is a Vintage Marketplace that has some of the most beautiful and unique pieces. They have everything from vintage clothing, home decor and you can even find homes for sale. I am pleased that I came across this site, now I don’t have to go so far out of my way.

Fluxus Nomad Scarf Seen on Oprah!

I love this scarf! I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, a protection against those cold north Florida winds, and It’s everything they said it was. Large enough to wear as a head scarf and cover your neck, or just wear as a scarf. Summer comes around I have a new bathing suit cover and it hangs on my favorite chair during the day. I even let my boyfriend borrow it when he goes to the store without me, but if I’m going, it’s mine! Its uncommonly soft and multifaceted, just the way I like things I plan to use allot. Check it out here on her show this afternoon!

Fluxus Nomad Scarf on the Oprah Winfrey Show!Fluxus Nomad Scarf on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

Seen on Oprah’s 2011 Must-Have Items, the Fluxus Nomad Scarf!

I have one in stone, which I got at with 10% off with promo code SAS and Free shipping on orders over $50!

It’s also really popular with the celebrities, those with any common sense and style that is! Jude Law and Heidi Klum have both been caught with their hot little numbers, the Nomad Scarf. I hope to see more of this scarf now that it’s been on TV. Check it out!

Fluxus Nomad Scarf at Anytime Scarf!



Armani Exchange, more than clothes and a name

The Expencive and Elite reputation of Hollywood was hit with something unfounded; Hip, affordable, original fashion from a desireable name in the industry.

Armani Exchange, also known as A|X opened their first concept store in Los Angeles earlier this month, March 3rd, breaking ground, making a high class store actually affordable for the average fashionista. Placing it strategically and smartly on Robertson Boulevard, a hip upper class neighbourhood. A neighbourhood where no doubt celebs and stylists will be the first to enter their brakneckingly large “warehouse meets nightclub” concept store, but A|X makes itself inviting to all walks of shoppers.

The new A|X is in the former location of Armani Casa home design and has been remade to resemble a low-key underground Hollywood nightclub. Although the location still offers all to be expected for Roberton Blvd, like valet parking and a VIP room for private shopping, the store is suprisingly open to all walks, both in price and concept. Prices start at just $25, items including Jeans, dresses, t-shirts, blazers, button up, leather jackets and more for both men and women and my favorite part – the new A|X is also an event space (what better to do with all that room) AND the store will feature art from both established and emerging artists. Rotating the art on a regular basis will bring shoppers back again and again to see the next show, buy the next dress and hang at Roberson Blvrd’s newest badass on the block.

There’s many reasons why I like A|X, one reason being their daring Valentines display (at other stores) that featured same sex couples and another display with a heart made out of condoms – encouraging safe sex; proving that the store is modern, progressive and open minded (not to mention in touch with younger generations), second thing I like about the company is their willingness to make their pieces affordable. So many companies are quick to raise their prices based on name alone. A company could make a cotton dress for $3 in India and sell if for $500, but A|X is the alternative high fashion; Lastly, I like A|X because on top of everything, their designs are actually cool and work for many different styles of people, from preppy to punk. This means their divertisy and open mindedness unites lots of different people, making them go beyond just trends.

Here are a few of my favorite styles from their online store which you can visit by going to www.armaniexchange.com or even better, in your in California check out this great new store at 157 North Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA.

J65 - Zipper Pocket Straight Leg

J65 - Zipper Pocket Straight Leg

Flirty Tiered Mini Skirt

Flirty Tiered Mini Skirt

Zebra Print Hoodie

Zebra Print Hoodie