Making Your Summer Buys ECO FRIENDLY!

Not everyone has time to save the world, well.. most of us don’t. So when I found out about ways to clean things up and recycle used wares while doing my yearly summer shopping, I was happy to find a way to help! Board shorts are a good start, they’re perfect over a swimsuit or bikini, paired with a cute breezy tee or even complimenting a hideous life jacket (reminding the world you still have style when you’re being safe). This year Matix is including a biodegradable trash bag with every pair of Board Shorts in their Summer 2008 line in the hopes that taking the bag to the beach wont be a cramp on your style. Afterall, whats more stylish (and with GOOD reason) these days than caring about the environment and doing your part!

Matix Boardshorts

Next of course is shoes! Mohop shoes are the creation of Annie Mohaupt, and are composed of rubber soling made from recycled tires, a Finnish birch plywood core, and topped with various select veneers. Only the most environmentally-friendly woods, glues, sealers and inks are used on these shoes. Essentially, these shoes are completely customizable by changing the ribbons that tie the shoes on. Different lengths and styles of ribbons can be used to achieve a virtually infinite number of looks with just one pair of wooden bottoms. Different heel heights and shoe shapes are available. $150.00 at Mohop


Theres so many shoes in the world, it cant possibly end there! Every year we all have to buy new sandals or shoes to wear sockless on hot summer days but what about the men? We want them to pitch in too right? J shoes came up with an original concept, encouraging both reusing material and a fairly new trend of wearing unmatching shoes. It takes a brave soul and one who dares to stand out in our bold new world of sustainability and eco thoughtfulness. They call it the “Lost and Found” collection, every pair is made with a different source material, meaning you’re not going to find another pair with the same print as yours and you’ll be lucky to get the same color scheme but all the more reason to have several pairs to mix and match! The shoes are low cut and made from reclaimed shirts making the slogan rightfully “One Shirt | One Shoe”. Leather color varies on each shoe as well and each shoe also features a comfortable leather footbed and flexible rubber sole all wrapped up in a bag of the same material as the lone shoe. What a strange and original idea!

J Shoes

Lastly Bikinis and swimwear. Not something youde expect to be eco friendly right? Most of them being made from spandex and other synthetics but two new designers at the San Lorenzo company, Jhonatan Figueroa and Megan Spurlock, are adding their own flavor to the Brazilian cut bikini brand.
They have come up with a line of eco-friendly, organic cotton bikinis. The fabric they use is popular with eco friendly designers and is 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex for stretch. The suits are turning quite a few heads. Others include this years Kelly B swimwear line which stays eco-friendly by using mostly organic cotton (Organic cotton is grown, processed, and produced without using pesticides and other toxic chemicals) and Raw Ganique, whos entire line of clothing is eco friendly and many pieces are made from hemp. In the men’s swimwear line they offer a really nice pair of surf shorts for about the same price as all the leading brands. Check out to see their summer line.

Always keep your eye out for recycled and organic clothing. More and more companies are taking on the job of saving the earth and they couldn’t do it without me and you buying their eco friendly products! Lets pitch in and look good!

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