A pretty girl is like a melody

The Heatherette show was downtown New York spectacle at it’s best and the looks in the crowd were better than almost anything we’d seen on the runways all week. Heatherette brings everyone together, whether they’re from the club scene, the music industry, (Richie is recording artist, after all), the fashion world or the wild, wild […]

Twenty8Twelve Clothing + Jeans = Sienna Miller + Savannah

Sienna Miller will be launching a fashion label along with her sister Savannah, it was revealed today. It will be called Twenty8Twelve and it’s to be backed by Pepe Jeans owner Carlos Ortega. Twenty8Twelve will feature denim, knitwear, tailored jackets, dresses and outerware. ‘We wanted to created that London world that feels inaccessible,’ said Sienna, […]

Videofashion Celebrates 30 Years

Fashion and lifestyle programmer Videofashion will celebrate its 30 year anniversary on Thursday, December 14 with an one-hour special, Videofashion News: 30 years, telecast on New York’s NYC-TV, featuring fashion footage spanning four decades. Co-founded in 1976 by Nicholas H. Charney and Marlene McGinnis Cardin, the company was a pioneer in fashion news broadcasting and […]

Armani To Dress Bride and Groom, Katie and Tom

Turns our Giorgio Armani will be dressing the celebrity wedding of the year, the nuptials of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked their long time friend Giorgio Armani to design all of the wedding attire for their upcoming marriage,” an Armani spokesman told FWD Thursday. The house of Armani […]