A Plastic Bag Ban? Time to Shop in Style!

Some cities are opting to either ban plastic grocery bags altogether or charge as much as .25cents a bag !(and not just in the US) I think it’s a great idea, though I do reuse them and there are many recycling programs. A ban can also stop pollution at its source, the factories. By discouraging […]

Berlinians Know how to swing

Germans have always known how to dress, whether professional, classy or punk they’ve done it all and better than most. Lovely little “war-bride gone independent working woman” dresses are a sure hit for that sexy movie quality german look. Here are some random dresses, jackets and skirts I found that fit this look to a […]

Do I Really Need A Facial?

Do I really need to get a facial to get a perfect complexion or is just cleansing and moisturizing at home enough? If I do need facials, how often should I get them? The Right Brain Replies: robot facial The first question is: why should you get a facial in the first place? What good […]

A pretty girl is like a melody

The Heatherette show was downtown New York spectacle at it’s best and the looks in the crowd were better than almost anything we’d seen on the runways all week. Heatherette brings everyone together, whether they’re from the club scene, the music industry, (Richie is recording artist, after all), the fashion world or the wild, wild […]