Boston Fashion week!! After months of preparation, The 2009 Emerging Trends Event returns to the runway this fall for Boston Fashion Week. This upscale fashion forward event will be showcasing collections from up-and-coming designers from all around the globe on Friday, October 2, 2009 at the exclusive Castle At Park Plaza Hotel located at the heart of […]

Michael Jackson Tees!

Here is a great retro design for those who love what Michael Jackson did for the 80s.

New Spring Lines are out!

We got in a ton of new stuff for spring and summer and I’m pretty excited! I was getting bored with the winter styles.. and mostly the winter weather. Check out some of my favorites!

A Plastic Bag Ban? Time to Shop in Style!

Some cities are opting to either ban plastic grocery bags altogether or charge as much as .25cents a bag !(and not just in the US) I think it’s a great idea, though I do reuse them and there are many recycling programs. A ban can also stop pollution at its source, the factories. By discouraging […]