NEW YORK, N.Y–25Park, one of the favorite sites for the fashion elite just released the Fall 2009 trends magazine. The high-end online boutique is featuring three of the most anticipated trends to look out for this season including: Glam Rock, Retro Charm and Cutouts. Glam Rock—studs, sequins and lots of leather—is gaining significant recognition as […]

Converse has its 100 year aniversary this year!

This year the brand that introduced to us the Chuck Taylor All Star, the quintessential cool sneaker, celabrates a century of originality. Worn by the likes of James Dean, The Ramones, Snoop Dogg, The Sex Pistols, and of course the namesake basketball player, Charles “Chuck” Taylor. “The ‘all time’ sneaker became liked in the 50’s […]

Boho-chic: Turning a new trend old once again!

The fashion conscious are facing a paradox in the pursuit of the avant-garde in the age of mass media, trying to look individual and quirky while everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Luckily a mis-match bohemian trend is taking over the streets of the world. Lacy string tops, baggy three-quarter length trousers, cowboy […]

A pretty girl is like a melody

The Heatherette show was downtown New York spectacle at it’s best and the looks in the crowd were better than almost anything we’d seen on the runways all week. Heatherette brings everyone together, whether they’re from the club scene, the music industry, (Richie is recording artist, after all), the fashion world or the wild, wild […]